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TOKIDOKI: post grandmother-style food


FOR Lunch (wed + thu + fri)
we don't take bookings,
just come along to eat in or take away
please book online for saturday's brunch 
or for dinneR (chose one of the two dinner services 18h30〜20h30 & 20h45〜22h30)
if you have a problem or a question you can send an SMS at 0486556831 

if you choose the first service, please note that you should arrive before 7pm.

depending on how busy our kitchen is, we also serve next door at dynamo

takeaways: for lunch bookings are not necessary, but if done a few hours ahead, they help!
sorry no bentos for dinner

scroll down for this week's menu

payments by card only



this week's LUNCH

VEGGIE ― 16€ 

miso-braised root vegetables

gomadofu: fake tofu with sesame

cucumber and peach pickle


sweet potato and pork croquette

gomadofu: fake tofu with sesame

cucumber and peach pickle


miso-braised root vegetables

sweet potato and pork croquette

gomadofu: fake tofu with sesame

cucumber and peach pickle

egg custard with shrimp

orange and yogurt tart



1 starter + 1 MAIN + 3 SIDES + DESSERT40 EURO

dinner menu is on the instagram page of"tokidoki dinner"

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on saturdays between 12am and 2pm we serve a vegetarian set menu, it includes:
4 dishes, tea (ad libitum), dessert and coffe

the price is 23 euros



For the past few months we have been thinking and talking about the future of Tokidoki.


Given our diverse backgrounds, shaped by our different origins, travels and previous culinary experiences, we feel we want to reconnect with these again.


While our family-style menu - where you will get a table full of dishes - will remain, we are gently shifting away from our primarily Japanese influence. Instead, we want to head towards a more contemporary style of cooking, taking influences from other exciting cuisines from all over the world, while keeping a focus on using local ingredients and offering more plant-based options, and staying true to the spirit of Tokidoki.


Next to the changes in the menu’s content, we are committed to providing you with a full dining experience and will discontinue the “à la carte” option and will from here on offer a small menu, full menu, or a mixed menu for groups of four or more guests.


In short: we will introduce some new things, while we keep the best of the old things. All this starting from the 11th of October.


Your continued support means a lot to us as we set off on this exciting transformation. We are genuinely excited about these changes and look forward to sharing this with you.

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opening hours  

 LUNCH 12:00 - 14:00

DINNER 18:30 - 22:30

Chausée de Alsemberg 128, St. Gilles

4 people or less online bookings

more than 4 please send SMS or email

INQUIRIES    0486.556831

Yes, that's where you put your mail if you fancy being in the mailing list!

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