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TOKIDOKI: JAPANESE grandmother-style food

from july 10th

we will resume table service for dinner

for lunch we will continue takeaway-only

but you can still buy bentos in the evening 6-8pm


book a table or lunchbox by sms 0486556831

OPEN FOR LUNCH (takeaway) WEDNESday to saturday

and dinner thursday to saturday

(more info about time at bottom of the page)

payments by cash or card

scroll down for this week's menu

-please note that all the bento boxes include rice

and are a portion for 1 person-


dinner set-menu 30€

-somen (cold noodles) with charred aubergine and smoked mackerel

- kohlrabi and daikon salad with bonito flakes in ponzu dressing

- chijimi (chewy omelette) with garlic chives and eggs

- deep-fried jack mackerel marinated in rice vinegar

- onigiri (riceballs) with rhubarb paste served with cherry tomatoes cured in konbu stock

- dessert



-somen (cold noodles) with charred aubergine

- deepfried courgettes marinated in rice vinegar

- cucumber with spicy rayu dressing


- deep-fried jack mackerel marinated in rice vinegar

- deepfried courgettes marinated in rice vinegar

- cucumber with spicy rayu dressing



About me:

I first went to Japan as a filmmaker to work on a project, and what I discovered changed my life: a whole new dimension of cuisine. I was im-pressed & invigorated by the the taste & diversity of the light & healthy dishes I encountered, completely un-like what I had previously eaten in Japanese restaurants abroad. 

Impassioned by these culinary discoveries, 

I decided to make Japan my home. During the five years I spent in Japan, I switched from being a filmmaker to a cook. I learned the trade by working in restaurants specializing in Italian & Japanese cuisine. Eventually, my path lead back to Europe, and specifically to Brussels. I am glad to share my passion for fresh, local ingredients & Japanese cuisine with you. 


Welcome to my kitchen !

special opening hours
during takaway-only period 
LUNCH 11:30am - 1:30pm
wed + thur + fri + sat 
dinner  2 services 7/7:30PM or  8:45pm
thur + fri + sat

Chausée de Alsemberg 128, St. Gilles

0486.556831 (SMS please)


Yes, that's where you put your mail if you fancy being in the mailing list!


TOKIDOKI  (Loic Sturani)     Chaussée d'Alsemberg 128, 1060 Bruxelles      TVA BE0695580070       IBAN   BE71363174826069