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TOKIDOKI: JAPANESE grandmother-style food 

Japanese grandmother-style food, simple to eat a bit more difficult to explain. I serve what I discovered travelling through Japan collecting recipes from both young friends and unknown old ladys alike, just anyone who was kind enough to share his/her soul food secrets. Because the dishes I cook hardly ever make it in the menu of Japanese restaurant around here, I prefer to "choose for you", my menu is fixed, so you don't have to struggle trying to guess what "furofuki daikon" could possibly taste like.

Recipes are adapted using local vegetables and menus change every week so you get fresh stuff and we save space in the freezer :)

Our down to earth food is served with no frills in a homy setting so don't be surprised if you have to share a table (on the other hand you get free filtered water) this too is grandmother-style. 


payments by cash or card

FOR DINNER book a table by sms 0486556831


Lunch WED+thu+FRI 

EAT IN OR TAKE AWAY. Set menu with vegetarian and non-vegetarian option, 3 dishes served with rice for 12€ and 14€ respectively. Please note that we don't take reservations for lunch.

this week

Veggy 12€

kencho soup (with tofu)

cabbage and azuki beans coleslaw

ginger spiced aubergines


Non Veggy 14€

daikon simmered chicken

cabbage and azuki beans coleslaw

ginger spiced aubergines

dinner thursday-Friday-saturday
for dinner we serve a 5 course set menu (non-vegetarian) and a dessert for 30€ per person
Thursdays and fridays the menu is of proper grandmother-style made out simple home recipes
on saturdays the menu is inspired by food served at izakayas (the japanese version of brasserie)
if you are vegetarian, please check if we can provide an alternative for the meat dished that are on the menu
given the limited number of seats, even though it is not necessary, we advise you to book. please do so by sms or email, stating your name, number of guests, and which of the 2 shifts (7pm or 8:45pm) you prefer 
 this week
tofu and mushrooms stuffed aburaage in konbu dashi
spinach hitashi with cured egg yolks
furofuki style daikon and beetroot
simmered chinese cabbage and shiitake mushrooms
shiso filled tonkatsu (homemade tonkatsu sauce)
when the menu is not here it could still be on insta
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SATURDAY vegetarian brunch
no pancakes - no croissant , but a variety of healthy savoury dishes, just like having breakfast in a japanese home
the brunch includes:
4 dishes - dessert -tea -coffee for 20€
given the limited number of seats, even though it is not necessary, we advise you to book. please do so by sms or email, stating your name, number of guests, date&time

About me:

I first went to Japan as a filmmaker to work on a project, and what I discovered changed my life: a whole new dimension of cuisine. I was im-pressed & invigorated by the the taste & diversity of the light & healthy dishes I encountered, completely un-like what I had previously eaten in Japanese restaurants abroad. 

Impassioned by these culinary discoveries, 

I decided to make Japan my home. During the five years I spent in Japan, I switched from being a filmmaker to a cook. I learned the trade by working in restaurants specializing in Italian & Japanese cuisine. Eventually, my path lead back to Europe, and specifically to Brussels. I am glad to share my passion for fresh, local ingredients & Japanese cuisine with you. 


Welcome to my kitchen !

opening hours  
WED + thur + fri
dinner  2 services 7PM or  8:45pm
thur + fri + sat

Chausée de Alsemberg 128, St. Gilles

11:30am - 2:30PM

0486.556831 (SMS please)


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TOKIDOKI  (Loic Sturani)     Chaussée d'Alsemberg 128, 1060 Bruxelles      TVA BE0695580070       IBAN   BE71363174826069